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04-07-12, 09:06 AM
Recently, I am having customers go into dressing rooms and come out with broken hearts. I cannot figure out why or what I need to do. Any help is appreciated!!!

04-07-12, 10:09 AM
do you have mirrors near them? that is my only thought

04-07-12, 10:11 AM
Is there anything blocking the way to the till(s)?

Could you possibly post us an image, so we can check to see if anything is the matter.

If it still happens, or you can't, you could e-mail TeamLava Support (support@teamlava.com) to see if they can help with it (they'll be able to look into your account)

04-07-12, 08:18 PM
Have you rearranged your store recently? Broken hearts when leaving the dressing room usually means the cash register is too far from the dressing room. If your store is getting large you may need to add a register or move one of the ones you already have to another section of your store.

04-07-12, 10:46 PM
I think that or the pants made them look fat.

04-08-12, 05:32 PM
@rosemeyer lol