View Full Version : Nightclub Story Item Suggestion Feedback

04-06-12, 12:24 PM
Hello everyone! Today is Feedback Friday and we want your opinion on the following suggestion for content themes that have been given to us by the community. Please post your response in this thread and let us know if you like or dislike the following idea for Nightclub Story and let us know any item suggestions you think would match this theme.

Vegas Theme!

04-06-12, 12:44 PM
why can t we built things like in other stories??????:rolleyes::rolleyes:

04-06-12, 12:47 PM
I like the Vegas theme.. More decoration and wallpaper would be very nice if it is possible

04-15-12, 09:32 AM
wow vegas theme would look real cool..imo what we need is different mixers..theres only 2 different kinds of bars we can pick from (one being the same but 3 different colors), everything else requires cash. The groove bar was much needed, prior to that, we could only pick the same bar but in 3 different colors lol.

04-15-12, 09:38 AM
Oh, and how about bartender character or two (male and female version?) to stick in front of the bar, make it look like people are getting drinks from bartender as opposed to themselves? And a bouncer character..will make it feel more real imo