View Full Version : Halloween chest?

11-04-10, 04:30 AM
A few days ago there was a warning that halloween chest was about to disappear, but now it says new Halloween chest again. I presume it's not a new one??

Can we please have something new for farm story addicts it's been ages now and it's getting boring again :(

Norman if you could please let us know if the chest is a new one, or if not when we are likely to get a new chest or an update

11-06-10, 04:30 AM
Well? Anyone know why we still have Halloween chest? And why it's still new?

11-09-10, 01:28 AM
An update? New stuff? Even an answer? Nope, didn't think so, great customer service 

11-09-10, 03:41 AM
I guess they are already working on a "Christmas Chest" and launsh it early enough to get our money, sorry I meant to get us in the christmas spirit ;-)