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04-01-12, 03:15 AM
Hai somebody help me!! i dont know whats happening to my account... my wekly updates stopped coming for me since last saturday! and my neighbour says ive blocked her but i didnt and anyways i didnt know u could even block people on this game! PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP!! I DON'T KNOW WHATS GOING ON!! TL or GM please help... or anybody knows what is happening??:confused:

04-01-12, 03:23 AM
Weekly updates are rolled out on Thursdays and Tuesdays. You should get your update on Tuesday.

Blocking isn't available, and what your neighbor saw is a known problem:

Blocked comments - currently not available in game. If you have received this message while trying to post on a players wall, it is most likely that your game is out of sync. Exiting out of the wall, then returning and posting again seems to clear it up.

04-01-12, 03:25 AM
So the only update you are missing is Thursday's update and you should have your weekly update by Tuesday at the latest. You can also change your storm8 ID by asking Teamlava support.

(Forget this post, nmishii beat me to it)

04-01-12, 05:00 AM
Thanks guys for helping me! i will try again on tuesday :)