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06-13-10, 04:10 AM
From what I've read on the forum & been told by my "fellow neighbors" if I play Farm Story Flowers all my info from the original Farm Story transfers over automatically?! Ex. Neighbors, pending neighbors, & profile comments. Is this correct? When I went over to FSF all my farm stuff was there, (crops, animals, correct coins, etc.) but when I went into my profile wall it said no one had left me any comments yet & in social it said I didn't have any neighbors either yet & needed to invite friends. Yet under the profile tab in profile it gives me a total of all my neighbors. Why would it show it there but not actually list them in the main menu options? Do I really have to go back & reinvite all my neighbors all over again so they show up in the social tab or so that I can visit their farms & vice versa?? Or did some strange freak thing just happen with my download/installation? I even tried deleting & reinstalling app & I still got the same results. Any suggestions?!

06-13-10, 07:42 AM
Install the "flower", you keep ALL you have !

06-25-10, 11:29 AM
Yes I would like to hear from more farmers that has had success before I delete the farm on Story. I have worked to hard to loose The Farm.

06-25-10, 12:08 PM
Delete it, or you can search the threads here for more proof, many many people have done it w/o a problem.

06-25-10, 12:46 PM
Ok deleated the old ones and my farm is intact but where did all my neighbors go? Anyone know how I can retrieve them? The profile says I have them but they are not there. Nor are any comments and other peoples comments are all gone