View Full Version : I do not have "STEAMPUNK ARCADE" on my design list but friend does!!

03-24-12, 08:02 AM
My friend and I both have this game, we both play regularly but for some reason he can place a "STEAMPUNK ARCADE" which he finds in his "flower pot" design tab but I don't have that in mine. I deleted rest. story from my phone and reinstalled the original
Version but it did not work.

And to top it off I lost 34,000 coins when I opened the game this morning! Ugh...what going on?

I really want the arcade, it looks cool and is only 20,000 coins! Any help?!?

Thanks!! :)

03-24-12, 08:30 AM
Updates roll-out over days, you should get it by Tuesday. I received the limited offer pop-up for Fashion, but not the rest of the update.