View Full Version : Where is all my stock?

03-24-12, 02:26 AM
This morning when I checked on my boutique all my rails and counters were full with a lot of stock. I got a message saying that it was out of sync with the server and everything vanished! Its very expensive to replace all my stock and I am losing money (yes- I do realise this is a fictional shop- but still gutted! :rolleyes:) Has this happened to anyone else? How do I get it back? Thanks

kooky panda
03-24-12, 08:13 AM
What version are you playing on? check under menu-help- small number at the bottom of the screen?

Have you tried restarting your device?

03-26-12, 03:47 PM
If you blocked the doors to your boutique, then it's likely you experienced a quick-sell. This means the consumption rate was sped up for lost time and everything was sold, but you did receive the coins for the items that were sold. If you did block your doors, I recommend against doing so, because it is not a valid game mechanic and we cannot predict what will happen if you do.