View Full Version : Don't share personal information! [Updated 5/25/16!]

03-22-12, 01:39 PM
As a general warning, please note that it is NEVER a good idea to share any personal information in-game, on the forums, or in public online communities in general. For privacy and safety reasons, we strongly recommend that players don't share any personal information in-game or on the forums.

Some of this information would include, but is not limited to:

- Your name
- Your address, phone number, or location
- Personal details regarding you or others
- Your device information
- Any financial or medical information

Also, please note that Storm8 will never contact you from the in-game comment system (i.e. on your Wall). Any user claiming to be from Storm8, or claiming to know a S8 employee, is violating the Terms of Service. Should you come across a user exhibiting these qualities, please contact Storm8 Support at support@storm8.com.