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03-17-12, 04:24 AM
How exactly do you make money? Why is it that I only get 2 coins or so from customers? Everytime I close the game, I don't get the money I make... for example, it just said I made 12,000 but I only had 7,000 still. I don't get what's going on.

I have version. 1.3.7

03-17-12, 04:48 AM
I realized that as I order clothes, which cost money, then they sell to make money, that the earnings don't go up very fast.

Just play to have fun, eventually the money does rise.

03-17-12, 07:15 AM
amberxo8, the $2 you're seeing is because the clothes that your customers are buying are the $2 clothes. There are $2 clothing items and $5 clothing items. Sehana has a spreadsheet that is very useful, here is a link to the post that holds that valuable information. Many people use this spreadsheet to determine what clothes they should stock first depending on their needs and what their goal is at the time. Those that have a high stock will sometimes make the $5 items as they get more profit from them, whereas some people that don't have much stock go more for the short timed clothing items so they don't use up a catalog space with a 16 hour or 1 day catalog.


As an example:
Red Silk Tunics cost $14 to make 25 of them, and once all 25 are sold, you would have received $50. Each piece that your customers buy give you $2.
Cowl Sweater Dress costs $770 to make 540 of them, and once all 540 are sold, you would have received $2700. Each piece that your customers buy gives you $5.