View Full Version : Mystery box didint add rare pets....PLEASE HELP

03-15-12, 09:18 AM
I play pet shop valentine I am level 28. Now, last week I bought the winter mystery box and in return it gave me a cat toy display which shows the transaction was successful but no pets were added nor do I see a way to breed the winter poodle winter Persian etc..I have tried everything to get them to pull up. I wrote team lava about the issue but got no reply at all. My question is... is there something I am doing wrong or is there something I can do to fix the problem. Please someone help and point me in the right direction. I spent twenty four gems and if I can't get my pets i would at least like to get my gems back. Now....the only problem that I can see is that I had both pet shop versions downloaded but yesterday I deleted pet shop version one and kept pet shop valentine. Would this interfere with my pets not showing up? please help I also play on iPad version two.

03-15-12, 09:45 AM
When you bought the winter box did the pets show up in your inventory immediately after purchase. I bought the winter box for pet shop but only got the cat toy display I'm not sure where the pets went...I checked my inventory but nothing. I know it says you get a chance to get rare pets on the info but when do you get your pets. I am level twenty eight and this issue has really frustrated me. I have spent over sixty dollars on gems and bought just about every pet available and I bought this to add to my collection. I just don't feel I should have to purchase the mystery box again. I wore team lava but no answer. I have been reading posts about the mystery box but no one has had this issue that I can find. I play on the iPad two and play the pet shop valentine version. Hope someone can help. Thanks

When you buy a mystery box its a gamble. You could get the pets offered or the cat display or what else in the "box." I have many duplicates from boxes. When you got the cat toy display that was your prize from the box, you'll have to keep trying if you want the pets. Good luck.