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06-12-10, 01:10 PM
Love the game,absolutely addictive,well done to all! Just a couple of comments/suggestions;
1. Would be better if the neighbour list didnt restart at the beginning-if like me you have a long list it can get a tad tediuos to keep scrolling back through your entire list
2. We have to be able to delete non-active neighbours from our list, then we'll make way for new 'active' farmer folk
3. We need more crops with other time options to allow for farmers working on different time committments, more at 10, 20, 40mins and in 2, 3, 4hrs etc
4. I agree with other comments about having some kind of water counter, showing how many times a 'neighbour' or community member has visited to water-allows you to select the best, most active for your neighbours
5. Would be good to be able to feed your livestock, and your neighbours
6. Would be good to be able to sell your produce at a local farmers market for more coins
7. Those items that can only be bought for gems could be available to buy but at a greater amount of gems, just to cover those that cant afford to buy gems
8. Some farmers would be cool. Would be good to see them out tending to their crops!
Anyway, lovin the game & looking forward to all the updates that are no doubt on their way. Keep up the fantastic work and happy farming to all!

06-14-10, 12:54 PM
All of those things a agree with.
I also have something that i would also like to see...

1. Being Able To Change Your Storm8 ID
2. Being Able to Change The Color Of Benches And Stuff Like That.
3. A Longer Wall List!!! ( everytime i go to sleep at night and when i wake up, i have like tons of new messages to read. And Some of them have been pushed off the list. So I can't get back to those people.)
4. More Flowers ( I Would Like To violets and and lilys)
5. I would absouluty LOVE to see if you could Buy Ponds And Put Goldfish, Frogs, WaterLillys And Other Things in and around it.