View Full Version : LOST ALL GOAL PROGRESS, no NEW goals just current goals RESET to ZERO PROGRESS

03-14-12, 02:43 PM
I just opened the game and all the sudden my current goals all reset to ZERO progress! I have read other posts stating that they are getting "old valentine" goals back but for me it was the same goals only reset to point zero. Why was there not any warning that they were going to be reset? I would not even have tried until after the reset!!!!

Its just not fun to play a game that does this, especially considering it is asking me to make meals that take an entire day to finish. That's weeks worth of time playing a game just to have to start all over. I am seriously considering deleting the game. Games are supposed to be FUN NOT FRUSTRATING! Very Poor planning TeamLava!

03-14-12, 02:45 PM
Jelie817 : read the previous topic in stead of just opening a second identical one :)

03-14-12, 02:45 PM

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