View Full Version : Any teasers this week?

03-14-12, 03:21 PM
So it's Wednesday again. Are there any teasers out yet?? I've been waiting patiently.

03-14-12, 03:23 PM
yeh me too! hope theres some more catalogue items :D

03-14-12, 03:26 PM
That would be nice. I always look forward to Wednesdays and Thursdays, lol.

03-14-12, 04:00 PM
Look to the 'Updates and Announcements' sub-forum. There you will find all the game updates. This weeks teaser is the 'Loveknot Mirror'.


Check out the unique Loveknot Mirror, coming soon to your boutique!

03-14-12, 04:45 PM
Odd they would add the mirror now they are clearing out. V_day stuff.this obviously goes with the love knot table. Bah

03-14-12, 04:46 PM
Maybe this means that we will keep the v-day stuff!

03-14-12, 05:00 PM
Maybe this means that we will keep the v-day stuff!

for once, shoot! i want them removed because i wasted 100 gems on "limited time" items. i coughed up my gems for the nightie and the jeans because they were limited time, and a while back, the coat and the white swan because i thought they were limited time but they werent. :mad: