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03-14-12, 06:06 AM
The part where your baby pet in the nursery can get sick (for some reason) and the only way to save it is to spend gems (which cost real money) or alternatively "abandon" it and start fresh. This is just horrible.
I'll assume the game designers meant abondon as in "abandon this quest" but in-game it sounds like abandoning a baby animal and leaving it to die. The connection with real animal abuse is easily made.
This is the reason I can't recommend this game to friends. Also, all game reviews seem to mention this. It seems like an easy fix by just taking it out of the game. Sick animals should never be abandoned.
Losing gems.
It is extremely easy to lose a few or a lot of gems by just misclicking on a part of the screen. And the gems cost real money or are unobtainable for some. Why can't there be a confirmation screen? For example: "Are you sure you want to spend 10 gems buying 1000 coins?" or "Are you sure you want to spend 14 gems speeding up the building by a few minutes?."
I think when people buy gems they want to buy the in-game stuff they want for it. If they lose it for some unwanted action it feels like money is stolen. That feeling makes people want to quit and that can't be good for business.

In my game I had saved 28 (free) gems for buying four 7 gem cats. But just before I reached the level to be able to do that, I ended up with only 18 gems. I never noticed losing them.
My girlfriend lost even more gems with just one accidental miss-touch. She then warned me, and I was extra careful. But even that wasn't enough. Losing gems seens unavoidable. and it seems like stealing. Ok since they were free gems it feels like something is being given and then taken away, but when gems are bought with real money, it'd feel like stealing.

I'm planning on using an itunes gift card to buy some gems to buy a few gem pets. (I'm waiting for a sale) But I'll make sure to buy just enough gems to buy the pets and items that I want. Extra gems for future purchases would just disappear over time anyway.
I don't think the people accidentally losing gems system is making people happy nor is it good for business.

Lastly, at one time I encountred what may have been a bug (on my iPhone 4.) The sound effects were gone, and there was only music. Turning the sound effects on or off didn't do anything. Restarting the iphone and reinstalling the app did not help. After two days the sound effects magically returned.

03-14-12, 03:29 PM
i hate that too..i lost about 50 of them because i accidentally double clicked and it automatically cooked all my food for me but i didnt want that....im pretty angry at that and i dont think that teamlava will reimburse those gems. I have also been saving up to buy certain things with the gems and now im only left with 4...when i had over 50 of them...im pretty ticked off...

03-23-12, 02:49 AM
Please add a simple "are you sure" yes/no, when spending gems, i just lost a bunch checking to see how much longer on an expansion and poof 2/3 of my gems gone and now I just feel like deleting and playing something else. So disheartening.