View Full Version : Glitch : my farm won't expand beyond 15x15

Old mcdonald
06-11-10, 09:24 PM
Hi there...
I am level 36 ATM, however I am unable to expand my farm beyond level 15x15... I have noticed other players who are several levels lower than me, with farms 17x17 or larger. I don't understand why I don't have this option?! Is this a glitch or is it based on something else?

old mcdonald / claracat

06-12-10, 07:08 AM
Not a glitch, you simply have to update the FarmStory app to v1.2, then the 16,17,18 and 19 expansions will show in store along with new crops, decorations and animals,

already stated here:

06-12-10, 05:22 PM
Thanks it works now