View Full Version : Seasonal Limited Edition Catalogs

03-07-12, 05:02 PM
We're always trying to figure out in a hurry when the seasonal items are announced that it will be removed.
I never finished Halloween items or Christmas for these reasons. (Along with my ignorance, of course)
So I have an idea for people like me,
For new catalogs that are going to be available for a limited time, could there be a ribbon with something like "limited edition" on the main catalog picture?

I made a sample with the past vamp queen catalog.
Sorry but my photoshop is currently not working, so I had to use paint application.
Not the best job of the world, but you get the idea ;)

06-02-12, 09:44 AM
Please please please do something like this!

06-02-12, 10:14 AM
awesome idea!

06-02-12, 06:20 PM
Thanks for the idea. I will pass it on to our developers.

02-06-13, 07:51 PM
I thought the same thing! Great idea. I'm surprised TL doesn't do this since in other games, for instance Dragon Story, we know which dragons will be available for a limited time.

I have a question about the limited catalogs: if I master a limited catalog does it remain in my catalog or will it be removed? I thought they stayed available if it was mastered, but I just noticed that the Pretty Pilgrim and whatever the Christmas PJ set was called are no longer in my catalog even though I mastered both. So do we just earn the gems and then they're gone forever?!