View Full Version : LOST COINS AGAIN!!!! 2,232 Coins lost this time. PLEASE FIX THE GLITCH IN YOUR PRORAM

03-06-12, 12:40 PM
Can you please fix the problem in this program. Is there a programmer out there that could help "teamlava"?

03-06-12, 03:36 PM
Can you provide us with more info as to how you are losing coins? The more info we have, the better we can assist you. Thanks!

03-06-12, 10:03 PM
I have took the advice given in the posts attached to my "thread". Nothing is a "fix" for the problem. TEAMLAVA: WILL YOU HELP US??:confused:???

03-14-12, 08:05 PM
My Fashion Story is losing coins also. I will check the balance, do something else on my iPhone, then go back to Fashion Story and find I've lost money from my balance. Just now, I have lost $6000, and I have not made any purchased, or even accessed the game for an hour. I don't understand why, and this is REALLY FRUSTRATING, especially when I'm trying to save money to expand to meet goal. Please help!?

kooky panda
03-14-12, 08:20 PM
We have tested this issue and checked it in our systems as well and it shows that the bonus is awarded twice and the game later retracts the second bonus. If you are having different results, please take screenshots of your coin balances, before you exit the game, after you enter the game, and after the coins are reduced, so we can check if you're experiencing different results than our systems. Thanks!

Please post screenshots so I can forward to DW.