View Full Version : 11 gems gone

03-06-12, 08:26 AM
Right now I was collecting coins from my animals and in the process discovered that 11 gems were gone from my account to nowhere (nothing was added to storage, no coins were added or any new animal appeared or nursing time sped up). Can you please comment on what's happened and return my gems for which I paid money?

03-06-12, 08:29 AM
You can email support@temalava.com and ask them to look into your game, and tell you where the gems were spent.

03-06-12, 08:34 AM
Thanks a lot! Actually I found that: my Jack Rabbit was sped up though I was collecting coins in another corner of the game field.

03-06-12, 08:36 AM
Hmm, weird. Sorry you lost your gems.

03-06-12, 08:40 AM
Yes, too weird. Sent them an e-mail, hope to get a reply soon. Feeling myself cheated :(

03-07-12, 05:58 PM
As expected, TL never returns anything. So, everybody, be careful, I still don't get how this everything happened.