View Full Version : New items/ideas we'd love to see in game

03-04-12, 07:21 AM
I would like to see more content in-game, especially to buy with coins, not gems. Here goes:
- A crushed ice drink machine/appliance - slushi maker (would be fab)
- A pancake maker appliance
- A panini press (in BS too)
- A kebab spit/roaster
- A chicken spit/roaster
- Some display counters like in BS; with cakes in or subway style sandwiche display counters
More decorations:
- Rubbish bins
- Serviette and condiment counters from build menu (not special chest)
- Toilet door/ kitchen staff door decorations
- Dessert trolley
- Buffe style food carts
I would also love to see a new story game, something like Fast Food or Take Away Story where you can build a pizzeria or Chip Shop or sthg where you have the correct appliances/decorations.
All of these ideas wishful thinking but you never know. I think there are way too many awesome items available but only if you purchase special chests.
Anyone else have stuff they'd love to see in-game?