View Full Version : Gifting - Why????

03-03-12, 03:31 PM
I'm truly confused about something and I'm hoping some fellow players can fill me in. Why is it that hardly anyone gifts War & Peace when it sells for $5, but constantly choices the other 3 options that only sell for $1? All offer the same serving size, so it can't be because people want the larger servings, so why are people asking/gifting the lower selling drink? :confused:

03-03-12, 03:32 PM
*chooses, not choices

*$2, not $1. Ugh, I want to edit my posts!!! :p

03-04-12, 10:39 PM
Well, the Blue Lagoon is the "prettiest" gift out of the four, I guess. I don't mind receiving it.

I agree. I've tried hinting to my neighbors that Dictator and Juniper Juice are not good gifts, but they continue to send them. I don't want to remove otherwise good neighbors, but one of these days they will send me Juniper Juice while I'm in a rotten mood and I will delete them.

03-05-12, 10:46 AM

I'll take the $5 drink over the pretty drink any day. Most of my neighbors have been reading their walls as I had a lot less of the other 3 and more of the W&P coming in today. I even had some community members post on my wall that they had no idea of the difference in price, as I listed it on my wall, so hopefully more will start requesting it going forward. I can hope, can't I? :p

03-06-12, 11:28 AM
I have to admit, I only just this morning I decided to pay attention and see what the four different giftable drinks actually paid. I play Nightclub Story very casually, although I still check in everyday & gift. Was very surprised to see War & Peace the hands down winner. Up til now, I just gifted a random drink every day with a preference for the Blue Lagoons since I love blue hawaiians in real life, yum! Also, I'm pretty sure it's the longest cook time of the giftable drinks so I just assumed it would be the better deal. Now that I know better, I'll stick to the War & Peace though, lol.

03-06-12, 12:21 PM
LMAO, I wonder how many other NS players don't know? I have a message on my wall, so hopefully word will spread to others that way, if they don't come to the boards. hahaha