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03-01-12, 12:14 AM
Add your Storm8 ID here! One post per thread.

03-01-12, 11:44 AM
Please add me

Storm8 ID : 59Schumi

Imobsters : PQZ2V

Racing live : 34Z3U2

World War : Q4Q3S


03-01-12, 10:22 PM
taking new neighbors in empire story, i gifts altars daily

03-11-12, 05:49 PM
I play everyday please add me

03-13-12, 08:22 PM
Please add me all games
ID: Zeon223

03-15-12, 11:24 AM
Plz add me: Bworms

Played the games on my mothers ipad, just got an android tablet so I'm forced to start over :(. I play all the story games. Please add me. Need neighbors for everything again.

03-16-12, 11:51 PM
Add me Carlie47 for empire story, pet story, zoo story, city and farm story

03-19-12, 01:40 AM
I play BS, RS, FS, ES, daily. I visit and "tip, like, clean" all 3-4 stars and people who write on my wall, daily. I gift cappuccino, stew, pumps, alters daily to everyone. I send (accept)requests 4 times a day.

I play daily but don't visit, so I have 0 Stars on ZS, PS, NS. I reply to requests daily and send gifts daily. I send random items on ZS and PS, but always send war and peace on NS.

I hate complainers! If u want materials and not food just delete them. I delete at least 40 brownies a day, I figure it's kids. I do delete complainers!

I have a POW table. In BS and RS. Please try not to tip on it. It's there to remind us of all the lives lost for our great nation.

ID: newstarr

03-21-12, 12:56 PM
Add me!

Storm8 ID: b33rs0n

Add Me!

03-22-12, 06:58 AM
Add Me Please ID Mpr102

03-23-12, 04:10 PM
Add me: 2zer0

03-30-12, 12:05 AM
Please add kizma2