View Full Version : Game mechanics: how to sell drinks faster?

02-26-12, 05:32 PM
I've read a few things, like:

You need tables and chairs.
You need regular floor (not dance floor) near counters.
Counters can't be blocked (though this is pretty obvious)

Is it like Restaurant / Bakery Story where you need 1 chair per table, and the chair must be facing the table? Do chairs and tables need regular flooring, too?

Some more explanation on this would be nice, as well as any tips more experienced players can give. :) Thanks for reading.

02-26-12, 06:06 PM
I don't play, and I'm going from memory here, so I apologize if it's a little off.

The counters should be accessible from as many sides as possible - I *think* the people drink right from there.?? But the floor around it needs to be regular (not dance floor).

You can have multiple chairs at one table, because the people don't put the drinks on the table, they just gather to socialize.

Having non-dance floor spaces also provides places for them to socialize.

02-26-12, 08:19 PM
I have part of my dance floor up against some counters and the "clones" just stand there and drink, they are open on the other side and some "clones" go there as well. I agree about the tables, you don't really need that many, but you do need at least 10-15 chairs I believe. I've seen at most 15 "clones" in my club at one time, and I have counters full of drinks and a 100 star rating, so I think that is the most the game offers. I was redecorating the other day and had to keep making sure everything was accessible, I saw a "clone" sit at one table/chair, drink, then get up and go to another table/chair, drink, then go out and dance, then go to a counter and guess what, she drank again. I think she should go to AA. :p

One thing I did try to do is have the higher profit drinks be my overnight making drinks, as they would get me through the day while I was making the lower cost ones and I would see more bang for my buck.