View Full Version : Question. Suggestion.and tons of praises! :)

02-23-12, 02:05 PM
Hey you :)

I was wondering if you can get only to level 25? Bc i ve seen nobody leveled higher than that.

Also is it possible that you change the fact that once you ve invited someone you can't uninvite that person? Because now people stay in that list forever who maybe never play again. And that is kind of annoying.

Also if I remember correctly in zoo story 2 with every level that you reach you get a new pet which you can buy without gems. In pet story I just reached level 20 and was really excited for a new pet. But then I realized I coul only purchase it with gems :( so no new pet for me.is there any way you could change that please?

And to come to an end: I love your games.they are great and highly addictive. I hope you will continue doing such an awesome job and have fun doing it :)


kooky panda
02-23-12, 02:19 PM
25 is the max level . Hopefully TL will extend this later.
Currently there is not an option to delete pending invites.
There have been some updates when new coin pets are added. Hopefully these updates keep coming.

02-24-12, 08:53 AM
I am very grateful for the new pets, especially the ones that do not cost gems. The game loses its appeal quickly if the only actions that can be taken cost real money. .....sigh......
Also, I'd love to have additional levels added, with opportunities for new goals.