View Full Version : Rose, lipstick, etc request can last for more than one day?

02-23-12, 08:29 AM
Does anybody know if when we send a request (lile if i need a rose) to a neighbor does it last in their inbox until they rejected/accepted or does it get erase within 24 hours?. I sent a request for roses days ago and i am suprise its not filled already, maybe i have to sendthe se request day after day...

02-23-12, 08:48 AM
I don't know. I think they stay until their rejected/accepted. Good question.

02-23-12, 09:00 AM
My experience has been that they go away. I've since downsized but when I had ~200 neighbors I started to notice I wasn't getting the same level of neighbor support as I was giving. I started tracking about two weeks ago. I would only accept goal request from neighbors who had given their tips for the day. Until then, I'd let the request linger in my News Feed. They rolled off during the 24 hour period. I didn't notice if they returned since I wasn't really tracking request.