View Full Version : Furious- lost gems,coins,food,went down a level,missing decor- furious

ID: toimiles
10-31-10, 08:38 AM
I DONT KNOW IF THIS IS SOME TYPE OF SCAM BUT I AM WELL PREPARED TO ,LOOK INTO THIS- I DO NOT BELIEVE IN WASTING MONEY OR THROWING IT AWAY AND WITH THE WAY YOUR GAME IS RUNNING THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM DOING. i have lost so many gems by purchasing things only to see them dissapear once the game re-syncs- i went and bought 2 different itune cards to get my cafe how i wanted it to be and now i still cant have it the way i want to because all my money and gems are magically dissapearing. on top of the fact that my gifts are dissapearing as well as and my food on my **** countertops. like come on this is seriously not ok and i am beyond furious. i do not play the game to be robbed of my money. i have 2 gems left and still cant purchase anything i originally intended to. restaurant story needs to do whats right and thats to figure out how to get me back ALL the stuff i purchased with my hard earned money OR let me kno that this will continue so i can delete and not play anymore BUT I STILL WANT MY MONEY BACK THAT I LOST REGARDLESS. its hilarious as i have typed this email i have lost every gift i put out on counters again as well as all the food i just served off my stoves because i had to recook everything. FURIOUS IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! action needs to be taking now because if not i will have to. this is outrageous