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02-19-12, 02:40 AM
Dear TeamLava,

I'm pretty sure you're busy and so on, but being on the level 25 for the last 1.5 month kinda kills the fun of the game.
Decorative elements that you provided in the last update are pretty, however after you buy them (which takes few seconds), that's just about when you're done for the next week.
For the next two weeks I'll be breeding my last turtles, my zoo is big, and almost all the playpens are upgraded (they will be all after the next two weeks). So what am I supposed to do after?
You ask us to buy gems and that's fair, you are a company, not a charity org., but then at least give us a reason to buy them, because I don't feel like putting any money into a game that is not moving forward. Could you at least give a hint if, or when something will change?

02-19-12, 03:35 AM
I'm on level 25 just spending time breeding & upgrading what I've got. I won't buy gems for new pets. All these xp points collecting are going to waste :-/ thought there would have been new coin pets by now, zoo2 get at least 2 new animals regularly why is pet shop missing out?
Ps axolotls would be a great new addition

02-19-12, 04:29 AM
I've already started a thread like this.. It's just boring.. Nothing to do:(

02-19-12, 04:44 PM
I agree. I think Pet Shop is in danger of succumbing to the same fate as the first Zoo Story and Treasure.....

02-19-12, 07:30 PM
Yup board too. Almost done upgrading and breeding pets...

02-20-12, 08:50 AM
Being stuck on level 25 didn't really bother me much, as I still had a lot of breeding and decorating to do without needing to level up. But now I have hit a different "wall" with my playing - no more space available. My shop has grown as large as it can, and I'm not offered to option to expand it any further at this time. This won't stop me from breeding the last available (coin) animals that already have playpens, but it has mostly stopped my decorating. I won't be able to purchase many more items (or playpens) because I don't have the space for them - without crowding my shop, which I don't want to do.

Please, TeamLava... More shop space. (And levels.)

02-22-12, 02:23 PM
I'm having an awesome time at level 25! I'm trying to get every pet, breed two babies, upgrade twice... and I'm also expanding my store, which is costing a LOT of coins that I have to save up. It's a challenge I create for myself to redecorate my shop this way. I'd only be upset at the "level" if it was actually tied to the space, but since it seems like the expansion of the shop is not related to the level, I don't mind at all. (Although I do imagine I might max out the space too. TZLove2, how large is your shop? I want to see what my limitations will be!)

02-23-12, 02:31 AM
I have completed all breeding, expanding, upgrading, and all I do is stay in touch with my neighbors. I have over 82,000 xp points and $1.5Million with A LOT of stuff in storage. I tried to get players to list their xp points before so TL would recognize the fact that more levels are needed but nobody bothered. But a lot of new threads are started about Level 25. How about people mentioning how many xp points they have so that TL would have knowledge of actually how advanced we all are in the game.

02-25-12, 10:47 AM
[QUOTE=stkmw02;243436. TZLove2, how large is your shop? I want to see what my limitations will be!)[/QUOTE]
35x35 tiles.

02-29-12, 04:54 AM
It seems that something is moving, I'm not on lvl 32 with 30K of exp. So far that's the only change, but I'm looking forward to the next update.

02-29-12, 05:15 AM
��well done guys who commented and created this thread. Because of u, pet story now has more levels!! This prove that TL listens and reads.. Hope they will make gem changes too on my thread. Thanks again@(・●・)@

02-29-12, 11:24 AM
Yep something definitely happening I've gone up to level 28 paw metres filling back up
But nothing new petwise yet

03-02-12, 07:56 AM
35x35 tiles.

Oh no! I have to more expansions (100,000 coins for the next one) and then I'm maxed out on space... and I need a bunch more room to fit all my animals with adequate walking and display space between. Is there a thread petitioning for more space that I could post in? Perhaps if we include photos of our shops to show the space restrictions?