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06-11-10, 01:57 AM
Not sure if this had been mentioned. Would be great to earn more $$$ when you companion plant (plant certain crops on adjacent tiles)

E.g Corn and Watermelons are companion plants. Just like when people water your crops you earn more from them when you plant crops together. Or maybe you cant plant tomatoes after you plant potatoes - that might be going a bit far tho.

Something to think about

06-11-10, 02:03 AM
I think crop rotation may be a bit better.
Plant a Grain, and after you harvest, the earth turns slightly yellow.
Plant Grain in yellow soil, and get -10% cash
Plant vegetables in yellow soil, get +10% cash
Plant Fruit in Yellow soil, get no bonus.

Vegetables make soil Green
Green gives Grain no bonus,
Green gives Vegetables -10%
Green Gives Fruit +10%

Fruit makes soil Red.
Red gives Vegetables no bonus
Red gives Fruit -10%
Reg gives Grain +10%

06-11-10, 03:31 PM
Heck, maybe a combination of the two ideas to create a much more complex system of what makes money when and how and with what. So that there isn't just one or two simple ways to earn the most money (i.e. strawberries over and over, or cantelopes if you have less time plus broccoli at night, etc.) but rather many creative ways.