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10-31-10, 12:25 AM
Ok, this is a good game but I have a few suggestions that I really think the developers should take into consideration.

1. Same dish stacking - basically, if I create the same dish on 4 ovens, they should stack up on the same counter rather than being on 4 counters. Same concept of stacking gifts and serving them on 1 counter.

2. Logging off and time-line - before your last update, the food was always gone quickly when logging off. After the update, the food on the counters takes forever to get consumed. It's too slow. I do 12 hour dishes, then come back after 1 day and they are still on the counters. This needs to speed up as per the rating of the shop when offline. Please fix this. Having 12 counters and 4 ovens to accommodate the dishes is too much. This also helps if you fix point 1.

3. When I level, I get notified I can do new dishes - those dishes are not in the recipe books. Need to fix this bug.

The rest of the game is fine, but without fixing the above issues, I think you'll be getting some bad reviews and people will drop from the game. I know I will. If this goes on for another week, I'll stop playing it.

I hope you'll find my comments constructive and take action on the same.

Other than that, the game is ok - but these 2 points really bring it down in the ratings.

10-31-10, 12:29 AM
In regards to #3, have you checked to make sure the new, unlocked recipes aren't on one of the other kitchen appliances, like the grill or the oven?