View Full Version : Are we ever going to get new stuff?

10-31-10, 01:20 AM
For those of us who do not want to buy surprise magic cases we need more stuff. It's been forever since an update. We need new gifts, and new decorationsnto buy. I'm losing interest because i've bought everything so now all I do is plant, pick, etc...please please add new stuff and keep the game fun and interesting. The expansions take months after level 40 to get to and it's the only thing to work towards anymore.. It takes entirely too many xp to level up one level. Please add something fun besides justvthese cases u want us to buy and we don't even get to pick what we get.... Same with city... I have so many mobile homes.... It says new things added weekly.... With so many people losing their homes right now u can't expect us to spendncold hard cash on a virtual farm for everything .... I'd rather pay for the game and be able to buybthings with coins than real money.

10-31-10, 01:37 AM
We're never getting anything new.


Instead, we'll have 'new' games from them to play, which will just be old games with new skins...

10-31-10, 04:59 AM
Farm story is still my favourite because it's playable mostly, but I agree it seems to have been forgotten please give us an update as promised in your blurb