View Full Version : Can't buy gems

02-10-12, 09:38 AM
I want to buy some gems to buy some animals but when I touch the part to add gems the screen is blank!! This happens a lot on farm and zoo story also!! Any suggestions to help with this problem?? Also wondering why some people's gems are on offer but mine are not!! Not really very fair!!

02-10-12, 09:40 AM
If you have an iOS device this could help: http://forums.teamlava.com/showthread.php?20569-Possible-Fix-for-Blank-Purchase-Screen-on-iOS-devices

kooky panda
02-10-12, 10:13 AM
The gems sales are sent out to random games.

02-10-12, 11:33 AM
Thank u for the info! Still think it's unfair some people get offers and not others!! U would get more gem purchases team lava if everyone got the offers!!