View Full Version : Restarant story Basic Games imbalance.

10-30-10, 10:43 AM
I think the Game basic is simply unbalanced. I have 27 seats, and very rarely do i get one customer that turn away. 99% of the time i am able to handle it all. But that is it! The Maths is simple.

If i have 27 seats and i 99.9% of time dont get a customer turned away angry faced, that means the maximum amount of customer at one time will only be 27. There is simple NO Point in expanding your Restaurant!.

The bottleneck lies in two place, the rate at which customers comes in, and the rate at which reception serve yours customers. If you notice there is simple a huge queue ( which doesn't show on screen graphics ) waiting, One by one when you previous customer finish they move up.

But because of this flowing rate and Reception services rate, the maximum amount of customer you can serve at one time is only 30!.

I thought i could place two reception to speed things up, NO!. Only one is allowed!.

Other things and suggestions.
Able to sell previous brought Tiles and Wall.
Able to move the door
Fix the disappearing Food Bug
Speed up the customer eating rate again. ( It is FAR TOO slow at the moment, you have added 70% of time )
Fix the maximum amount of customer you can have inside store at one time.

10-30-10, 10:57 PM
well said!