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02-09-12, 08:47 AM
I do not buy gems but here is my opinion of some of the items that might be "WORTH THE GEMS" if you're someone that buys them:

Attractions: cotton candy delivers the most gold per hour per square/space... but you can get gold other ways that do not cost gems... not worth the gems
all other attractions... not worth the gems
Buy attractions because you like how they look. If you just want the gold, use ICE CREAM STANDS.

a) Cross-Breed Parents... buying 1 of these to allow cross-breeding a baby that costs only gold... Silverback Gorilla... breed minotaur
Red Shanked Duac... breed golden lion tamarin

b) Cross-Breed Babies... buying 1 of these to allow cross breeding of a baby that costs a relatively low amount of gems...
Scarlet Macaw (8 gems) + Puffin = Toucan, 13 gems

c) Collections... buying 4 of these finishes a collection
Silverback Gorilla, 13x4=52 gem + Red Shanked Duac, 7x4=28 gem... unlocks CHIMPANZEE
Peacock , 7x4=28gem... unlocks IRISH ELK
Scarlet Macaw, 8x4=32 gem... unlocks COBRA... which by the way ranks very high in "gold generation"

d) Low Cost... buying these just gets you that animal... these are the ones that cost "only" 21 or less gems, ranked in order of their "gold generation" stat. I used the cut off of 21 because a lot of people get the Lunar Dragon and it ranks pretty high in gold generation... so I wanted that one on the list.

Arctic Fox, 10 gem
Owl, 21 gem
Lunar Dragon, 21 gem (first one is awarded for completing a goal)
Flamingo, 7 gem (also is parent of PLATYPUS, along with SEA OTTER = 4 gems, but the duck-billed mammal costs 37 gems!)
Wombat = Kangaroo+Bear, 9 gem
Scarlet Macaw, 8 gem (parent, see above)
Dingo, 9 gem
White-Tailed Deer, 13 gem
Silverback Gorilla, 13 gem (also parent, see above)
Red Shanked Duac, 7 gem (also parent, see above)
Peregrin Falcon, 4 gem
Jaguar, 4 gem
Snow Leopard, 21 gems (also is parent of Cheetah which costs a whopping 53 gems)
Sea Otter, 4 gem (also is parent of platypus, see above)
Toucan (Puffin+Scarlet Macaw), 13 gem
Liger (Lion+Tiger), 7 gem
California Condor (Bald Eagle+Ostrich), 9 gem


Rarest of the Rare - - a GORILLA allows you to breed a MINOTAUR, which allows you to finish this for a reward of 2,000 gold and 100 XP
Ape Enforcers - - buying 2 GORILLAS and breeding 1 more, allows completing this goal for a reward of the MANDRILL animal
Give me a Roar - - cross breeding 1 LIGER allows completing this goal for a reward of 3 gems and 3 XP... not worth the gems
The Big Cats - - I do not know all the requirements of this multiple-stage goal, but I have read on this forum that it requires "cats" that cost a lot of gems... not worth the gems


If you see an animal listed in more than one place then that should bump it up in the ranking of whether it might be worth the gems.... for example the Gorilla, the Scarlet Macaw and the Red Shanked Duac.


Storm8 ID = rionkimchi

02-09-12, 01:51 PM
This is really helpful. Thanks so much.

02-09-12, 04:08 PM
Wow, that was awesome! Now I know exactly what to spend my gems on! Thanks!

02-09-12, 04:22 PM
Thank you, But even my Late girl who was Cremated with her Favorite stuffed ..Her Perry the Platypus..would say thats too much to spend on one of those.

The rest is awesome info..........Thank you so much.

02-09-12, 04:44 PM
Besides I can't see a Gem Sale soon in this game.....Jinx.,

02-13-12, 01:07 PM
Thanks for the kind feedback !

03-16-12, 10:43 AM
I had someone ask my opinion about what to spend gems on.... above is my opinion.

03-16-12, 11:53 AM
Oh, I should mention that when gems went on sale I bought some.
I bought:

liger (regret it)
used gems to skip some steps to get PUMA (high gold earner)
bought extra l.dragon by mistake (tapping too fast!); should have gotten 3 flamingos for my 21 gems

03-18-12, 01:28 PM
Someone asked what is the "gold earning" ranking for just the gem-animals. I thought this thread would be the best place for this list. Here they are from best (most gold) to least:

Panther 79 gem
Arctic Fox 10 gem
Owl 21 gem
Wombat 9 gem
Flamingo 7 gem
Lunar Dragon 21 gem
Vampire Bat 149 gem
Toucan 13 gem
Scarlet Macaw 4 gem
Dingo 9 gem
Liger 7 gem
Armadillo 10 gem
Snow Owls 29 gem
Unicorn 179 gem
White-Tailed Deer 13 gem
Moose 18 gem
Red Shanked Duac 7 gem
Peregrin Falcon 4 gem
Silverback Gorilla 13 gem
Leopard Gecko 38 gem
Ringtail Mongoose 14 gem
Coin Mouse 11 gem
Jaguar 4 gem
Gryphon 35 gem
Snow Leopard 21 gem
California Condor 9 gem
Peacock 7 gem
Panda 139 gem
Sea Otter 4 gem
Arabian Horse 24 gem

Storm8 ID = rionkimchi

03-22-12, 12:58 AM
Great list! Thanks!!

04-27-12, 09:53 AM
The KIRIN, from the FAR EAST MYSTERY BOX, is one of the best gold earners in the game. If you get lucky enough to get 2 of them such that you van breed the 2 babies it would be great to have them. I believe it costs 24 gems per "chance" of getting one, and I don't know the probability.

The WHITE-TAILED DEER (13 gem) is now a cross breed parent (baby=SITATUNGA), and the KAKAPO (14 gem) is as well (baby=KIWI).

And the FLAMINGO (7 gem) is now parent to to the CASSOWARY as well as the PLATYPUS.

05-14-12, 12:13 PM
The BEAVER is a very good gold-earner, ranking near the top-20 for "gold only" and near the top 10 when you consider {XP+Gold}.

10-08-12, 07:03 AM
The SNOW LEOPARD, for 21 gems, can be used to cross-breed four other animals:
- Canada Lynx
- Cheetah
- Clouded Leopard
- Leopard Seal

And of these, only the CHEETAH requires gems, the other 3 "only" cost gold.