View Full Version : TARANTULA and CHIMPANZEE are now available !!

02-09-12, 07:45 AM
As posted earlier by member "bbgir" (and possibly others), these two are now finally available from completing COLLECTIONS.

To get the Chimpanzee, you'll need to finish the "Primate Rock Anthem" goal. You'll need to have complete the family of Red Snanked Duac, Silverback Gorilla and Capuchin Monkey (i.e. have 4 of each animal). Chimpanzee cost 1300 coins.

To get the Red Kneed Tarantula, you'll need to finish the "Leg Up" goal. Complete the family of Albino Python, Kangaroo and Manx Sheep. Red Kneed Tarantula cost 8888 coins.

The gorilla and the duac cost GEMS.

The animals needed for the tarantula do NOT cost gems.

.... Go get'em !!

Storm8 ID = rionkimchi

02-09-12, 12:23 PM
Well 50/50 between gem and coins. So even odds are good. Doesn't matter to me since only way I can collect and nurture is if I reduce my Ipod screen otherwise so jerky it annoys me and stops as reloads the animals . And since need 8 days total to breed the Manx and 4 for Python, they can keep the spider on the shelf.

I've seen 2 farms with everything and they were TL ones Farmerted seems to have one