View Full Version : Display Bug with Lobster Tank

10-30-10, 07:44 AM
There's currently a glitch with the Lobster Tank where the actual graphic is displaced from the footprint (actual tile placement); makes proper placement inconvenient. Would appreciate a speedy fix! :)

10-30-10, 12:59 PM
I have the same problem with a different item. A NEW item, which doesn't bode well for older items, I'm afraid. I went in to look at the (what is it?) new sea shell or whatever. Didn't know it was another mystery case. My finger must've brushed across something because next thing I know, I'm the very unhappy owner of a $4.99 giant, Golden MERMAID. a Mermaid with a footprint several blocks off.

I'm sure my laid-off hubby will be as thrilled as I am.

TeamLava, is there anyway I can get my money back? I'm already saddled with an Al Busr Hotel in City Story but I made the choice to purchase a Mystery Case. In this case I did NOT & you have no safety nets. Additionally, the "product" is faulty. You have my ID, above.

10-30-10, 01:26 PM
Correction: ...any way I could get my GEMS back, (not "money.")