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02-06-12, 10:16 AM
My name is Melinda, and I have been playing Pet Shop Story (on the iPhone) for quite a while. Two days ago, I had to replace my iPhone 4S (it was defective); when I received and restored my new iPhone 4S, I lost all of my purchases, my pet shop name, my Storm8ID, and everything I created in the game. The app now will not let me access my Storm8ID, and will not let me access my former game (I was on level 25, had 35 neighbors, had approx. 60,000 coins, and approx. 18 Gems). The name of my pet shop is "Nana Petersen", and my Storm8 ID is "mal2457".

Could someone please help me and tell me how to regain access to my pet shop? I really love this game, and I would like to regain my former access.

If this cannot be done, could someone please tell me how I can get a refund on my purchases? I can provide iTunes receipt numbers for all purchases that I made on this app.

Please help!!! Thank you... :D

02-06-12, 10:23 AM
You can email Support / Support@Teamlava.com
Ask for an account transfer
Provide your New ID, Old ID, and amounts of gems you had. Also include your level.

02-06-12, 10:24 AM
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They can help you:)