View Full Version : constant shut downs

02-05-12, 06:49 PM
Hi, I have started playing fashion story recently.. level 13 , playing on android tab 3.2 , version 1.3.6. Having issues with game just shutting down every couple of minutes! Can hardly do anything in the game and it either restarts itself or just closes. I play all other games and really do not have this issue with them. Occasionally one might shut but once I reopen its stays open.
Also wondering about the happiness issue. At least half the customers have purple broken hearts. They go to change room and come out with broken heart and leave. Have changed, added, tried all manner of things but nothing is solving it. Any help appreciated, cause I enjoy playing these games. ID starkitty99. Thanks

02-06-12, 04:48 PM
Try reinstalling the app in case there's any corrupted data causing your issues.

As for the unhappy customers, try adding a few more changing rooms and mirrors, but make them easily accessible as well.