View Full Version : dont get money onmy account

02-04-12, 02:26 AM
i allready have this problem in BS, but in FS i dont have any problems. But now i dont bet my money that i earned! If i earned zeventy thousand when i strat the game, than i dont get the money on jy account! is this bug? And is team lava repear this problem?

02-04-12, 02:28 AM
Sorry for my typo's. I am on a samsung tablet, i dont like the keybord :-)

kooky panda
02-04-12, 08:39 AM
TL is currently working on this problem.

Here is a workaround that seems to be helping some players:

Once all the screens have come up and you've "x" out of them (also exit out of your wall and do not accept gifts yet)
wait for the "welcome screen". As soon as that screen disappears and customers start walking in, force close your app .

Then go back into your game, and accept gifts, visit nbrs, etc.

Once you do that, hopefully the coins will have been applied .

02-05-12, 09:31 PM
Hi. I tried the above but no luck. I had earned over 40000 points during the night but they don't reflect on my score :(