View Full Version : All clothes invisable? Anyone else?

02-03-12, 01:52 PM
I am so frustrated! Everytime I log on for the past few days, I am seeing stars instead of clothes. Once in awhile the clothes start loading and then poof, gone again! Also, in Bakery story same thing just stars! I am using Android. Anyone else having this same problem? What fun is the game if you can't see it?!?

02-03-12, 01:59 PM
I have the same problem in Farm, Bakery, and Restaurant. Mostly Farm. For a couple of weeks now.

Sometimes everything will be fine, and then they magically all disappear. Once it gets into that state the images don't return. It seems to be just the newer stuff.

If you exit the game and restart, you can usually see everything for a short time. Restarting the device and reinstalling the game has the same effect, although it seems to take a little longer for it to happen.

There have been other people in other threads seeing the same.

Can a mod report this to TL?

02-03-12, 04:04 PM
are you using Android also?

02-03-12, 04:12 PM
Yes, I'm on an android.

02-03-12, 04:14 PM
Weird. I don't have this problem.

02-03-12, 04:40 PM
I'm Android as well, but so far haven't come across this problem.

02-04-12, 07:17 AM
I keep waiting to see if it is corrected. I don't know if they are even aware of the problem. But like I said, there are stars instead of clothes. Makes it very annoying when you want to stock up and not sure where the res of those clothes are! Sometimes a few ofthem will appear, and then disappear soon. I thought of deleting the game and reloading, but I am afraid I will lose everything! Has anyone done this before without losing your inventory and progress?

kooky panda
02-04-12, 07:51 AM
It is stars or white circles you are seeing? Looks so far as an android issue. If anyone has the option, can you post a screenshot?

The white circles, means there is a lag in the game and it is slow to load.

I have not seen stars before.

02-04-12, 10:24 AM
This picture is dated 1/15, so its been happening for some time before that.
I've seen this last year, but the images come back kind of quickly and are remembered if I go to another farm with the same images. This happens in the middle of the game for images it already had and the images don't return. I've waited quite a while for them to return but they don't.


02-04-12, 12:47 PM
I'm also on Android and this happens CONSTANTLY! FS is the worst but also happens in BS. Even when I'm connecting thru my home wireless and not verizons network I get the circles where clothes / tables should be. Its far worse in the evenings also. I estimate 100% of FS is visable only 10% of the time. :(

kooky panda
02-04-12, 03:29 PM
Yes this is the slow loading that I was talking about. I will sent this over to the CMs.

Is this only happening on wifi??

02-04-12, 04:03 PM
Yes this is the slow loading that I was talking about. I will sent this over to the CMs.

Is this only happening on wifi??

Wifi and 3G. I'm on both regularly.

The difference between this recent lag and the one before is that before it didn't take long for the images to appear, and once they did, they were there on future start ups until I cleared my cache. Same for images in new releases.

Now they could be there when I start up, and if I go visit neighbors and come back, they're not there anymore and they don't come back. I've waited a couple of minutes. Maybe if I waited longer they might return, but I know I've waited minutes. It'll happen when I visit neighbors, and I'm not going to wait minutes for images to appear when I have a list of neighbors I have to visit.

I've gone to clear the cache and often its been cleared on one or more games, so I think they started clearing the cache in the game earlier this year, around the time of the coin loss problem. But it never took this long to load images after the cache was manually cleared.

02-05-12, 04:34 AM
Happens regardless of how I'm connected. I agree visiting neighbors makes it worse. Im not aware of any cache on my phone. Exiting the game and going back, or restarting my phone, does not seem to improve it either.

02-05-12, 06:14 AM
Here are two screenshots, taken at 8:30am and 9am EST 2/5/12 respectively. In the first my heart wallpaper is missing, along will most of my decorations, some tables, and most clothes and accessories. In the second shot you can see most of my decor is restored but the clothing and accessories is still MIA.

02-05-12, 06:45 AM
That happened to me all the time on my Android phone. I never used Wifi for it as it wouldn't connect for some reason, so I was always over 3g/4g. My connection was full bars, so the game shouldn't have had any reason to lag, so I think it could be something on TLs side of the servers and not with our connections to the games. I used to laugh at how the clones looked like they were sitting on air, eating air, in the middle of my shop. Was quite amusing to say the least. I didn't take any pictures as it was a pain to try to do that all the time with my phone, now I wish I had. The only picture I did get was one of the times when my Time Chairs looked cut in half, I think I had placed that in the Photo Thread in the main forum. That is what they looked like when they came back from being just "air circles".

02-06-12, 12:50 PM
This is an issue we're currently working to correct from our end. However, it's worth noting that this will happen right after clearing your offline cache, if you are inclined to do so. After the first load, however, the images should appear faster. Naturally, this is also based off of your connection speed.