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02-02-12, 04:40 PM
For us dedicated players, thought I would start a thread to mention how many XP points we all have so maybe TL will add new levels I am just shy of 60,000! For any of you that don't know what your XP points are, it is the number that accumulates under your level, not your coin amount!

4Ever Friends has been patient and quiet about new levels, but can't wait for new ones

02-02-12, 05:53 PM
wowww, thats awesome! My petshop AnimalShelter is on 48,000 xp. All my pets are coin-bought and crossbred, except for a labrador and a bengal cat which i got today. It is a hard slog earning xp, I do about 1000 daily:)

02-25-12, 04:29 AM
So it is not an issue? I thought I was stucked at level 25 but at the moment that is the highest level?

kooky panda
02-25-12, 08:37 AM
Level 25 is the current max level offered for the game.

02-25-12, 10:45 AM
I'm about to hit 30,000 XP.

02-26-12, 10:54 AM
45,000xp and counting.

02-28-12, 08:26 AM
I hit 90,000K today! TL added 5 new levels back in January, hopefully they can think about adding more levels soon! And hopefully more than 5 next time!

Please list your xp points so TL will hopefully notice that the majority of players would and could be way past level 25!

kooky panda
02-28-12, 08:29 AM
43,113 xp

02-28-12, 09:01 AM
54,000 xp AND 950,000 coins. And I just have the basics except for a few Gem animals, I had to spay or neuter right after they cross-bred. Lately, even with Valentines Goals and new pets, I collect 3-4 times a day. Well, I started getting Notifications a few weeks ago when the 3 minute pets were ready to collect and at least before that I could actually load Farm Story and get thru Pop ups before Notified the 5 minute pets ready. So, since not much going on to kill myself getting XP (I think took 12,000 to get to level 25), I just play when I think of it, and to do my gifting, which has dropped (at least being sent to me). I think alot of people just can't get into tapping a screen every 5 minutes, getting booted if game left up over 15-20 minutes and reloading it to tap a few times again.

02-28-12, 09:17 AM
Smitty here...I have 70,000 xps and 925,000 coins...

02-28-12, 08:46 PM
Today I have over 40000 points and it now says level 36... So it seems like there has been a silent update...

02-29-12, 09:56 PM
Way too go TL!! Finally received some new levels. In case anybody was wondering, level 40 is now the max in Pet as well as Zoo2. Now how about some more room

03-02-12, 08:02 AM
When your level increases, does the amount of space available also increase? I have two more expansions until I reach the limit of 35x35 tiles... but I'm hoping this recent addition of a level 36 will also mean opportunity to expand the shop more. I'm out of room and can't buy new pets until there's another expansion option.

03-02-12, 08:44 AM
I have 50,554 XP and 200,000 coins at Leve 40. I bought gems when I first started playing (before I knew how the game worked and wasted most of them) but refuse to buy more unless a 50% sale happens! Wishful thinking!!

03-04-12, 11:13 AM
Currently there has not been any new expansions released. Once you have completed what the game originally came out with, there are not anymore until they add them, like they did with the new levels.