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kooky panda
01-31-12, 09:01 PM
Add your Storm8 ID here! One post per thread.

01-31-12, 09:01 PM
Please add cast1532. Thanks! Please try to main 2 star rating. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed with how many neighbors I have that I delete all the neighbors that have zero and 1 star rating just to tend to all my neighbors. (I don't like deleting neighbors but I have to and this happens once a month or every other month) Also, if you don't see if tipping/watering/cleaning just write on my wall and I will get back at you. Due to the high amount of neighbors I have I can't tend all of them. Sorry. :( I try to gift everyday but it will be the same part unless I go to your place and I see what you're building. Let's see what else I am missing. Hmmm...Sorry for seeing this message more than once.

02-01-12, 10:57 PM
please add wildwally

02-02-12, 02:06 AM
will gift daily, please add aiyayu

02-04-12, 07:06 AM
add me: Malkeigh
also play restaurant story and bakery story

02-05-12, 11:49 AM
Please add me petallotus36

02-05-12, 02:31 PM
I try to gift/clean daily! Add: CavalryScout. I also play Farm and Fashion.

02-08-12, 09:38 AM
Add me : pungsweden

02-09-12, 11:43 AM
;) add : inigalan
ThX my new friends :rolleyes:

02-13-12, 06:50 AM
Add me AllenIV also on Restaurant Story as well.

02-18-12, 05:38 PM
Please add jentamicin, thanks.