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01-31-12, 02:48 AM
hello i have been playing your games for several months now, like restaurant.
i just started nightclub a few days ago.

in all your games, i never buy gems or cash as i just can not afford it.

so i play slowly, trying to earn things.

in restaurant, the most beautifull things can be bought with gems BUT you still have nice items that can be bought with coins, even if it's a big amount of coins.

In nightclub, if you can"t afford gems, mainly you can not buy anything nice.

Counters for exemple.
you can get 3 or 4 counters with coins (all the same, just different colours)
All the rest is for cash only

i DO understand you business plan is based on people buying gems/cash, BUT please, don't forget the one that can"t afford it but still like to play your games, and by playing it, makes your community bigger and more interesting for the rest of the players.

could you add more things to be availible in coins, and or could you have a coin/cash exchange system, even if it's a very high rate.

Thanks for reading, hoping you may use my suggestion


01-31-12, 03:08 AM
I feel perhaps the players could use some more coin items, I agree out of all the story games except for PSS, ZS2 nightclub does have many gem items. However, the Christmas items were lovely ie snowflake chair for coins and the flooring and many more items for coins. It would be nice to have for coins wallpaper, flooring, counters and decorative items. I think some weeks more coin items are given. I hope the players continue to get a mix off coin and gem items.
( I'm not a mod or TL staff)

01-31-12, 08:40 PM
Nightclub I must say doesn't have a lot of nice coin items like Bs and RS. It would be nice to get better decorations for coins. I'm fully expanded, have 2 drinks left to master so all I really have left to do is redecorate now and then which I like doing but seeing as there isn't a whole lot to choose from I am becoming bored with the game. Nightclub I don't tend to buy gems for that much. I like to buy gems more for the other story games I play as I like them better than nightclub.

01-31-12, 09:15 PM
Restaurant is the only game with cool counters for coins :( all the counters in bakery are 10+ gems, except the two basic colors :( it seems like every table in Nightclub is gems though, and a lot of them.

02-01-12, 08:32 AM
and what about the bars to create the drinks????

1 bar for coins (different colours)
all the rest is for cash only....