View Full Version : What are the sub-challenges for "pure-breeding"?

01-31-12, 02:47 AM

Can somebody who have past the challenges please tell me what are the sub-challenges?
more importantly, do we have to use cash for any of them?

01-31-12, 02:50 AM
sorry, should be purebred.

The 1st sub-challenge is:
buy 2 welsh corgi
breed 1 welsh corgi
pay 1500 coins for pedigree papers

01-31-12, 05:53 AM
I can't tell you what all the other steps are, but I'm certain that none of them require spending gems. I don't have that goal anymore, which means I've completed it. The only time I used gems in a goal was to skip a step to get the dachshund.
(I'm assuming that this isn't the goal for the dachshund because I thought it has a different name.)