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06-09-10, 08:04 AM
How can I download smiles?? Help!

Farmer Grud
06-09-10, 08:13 AM
I think what you mean by smiles is the emoji icons. Emoji Icons are those colorful little pics you see in other?s post and names.

http://www.mynetimages.com/0c54f2f9f4.jpg (http://www.mynetimages.com)

They are already on your iDevice when you get it, however you must ?UNLOCK? them to use them. To do this for free follow these steps:

Download a free app called ?Emoji Free?
Run the app and follow the instructions
Close the app and go to ?Settings?
Follow these links: General> Keyboard> International Keyboard> Japanese
You will see an option to enable Emoji Icons? do so
http://www.mynetimages.com/7d49d49c2c.jpg (http://www.mynetimages.com)

Once enabled your keyboard will now have a little graph picture of the planet Earth just to the left of your spacebar. Click on this and your keyboard will change to the Emoji Icon keyboard. Click it again and it will switch back to your normal keyboard. Along the bottom row of your Emoji keyboard you will see a small picture of a clock, smiley face, flower, bell, car & ?!?#?. These are the different categories of icons that you have access to. Each category has multiply pages; just swipe the screen left or right to flip through the different pages and get access to all the icons. It doesn?t take long to learn what?s out there and remember where to find everything.

http://www.mynetimages.com/144a7675f5.jpg (http://www.mynetimages.com)

06-13-10, 06:08 PM
I do not get the option other than Japanese No option for emoji! Plz help

06-24-10, 05:43 PM
When you open Emoji Free! it will tell you some instructions. there are four or five steps it tells you to follow then at the bottom it says OK. you must press the OK button for it to work. after you press ok go to
international keyboard
add new keyboard
Scroll to the E section and select EMOJI
I was having trouble getting it to work until i pressed OK in the Emoji app. now it works perfectly on my ipod touch
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