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10-29-10, 06:25 AM
Hey guys... I'm playing this [edit] game called Restaurant Story.. nah kidding but... no seriously, sometimes it really is [edit]. Like now for example. Let me explain why:

I've been playing restaurant story for a couple of days... never have and never will buy those **** expensive gems... anyway to the important thing. I tipped my dear neighbours and gift them because I love them all (Add Classified64 if you wanna be my neighbour btw :P) and they thanked me and gift, tip me back and all....

One day I finally reached the level 4 of "tipping". I mean that red star with the big 4 in it you know... When you press "Social" then "Community" you can see a list of people with a few stars to the right of their names. Well I reached the level 4 of it by tipping my neighbours.

The day after, and all other days after that... my level went down to 3 & around 80% again. That's what's retarded.

I mean, everyday I have to climb up to 4 again from Level: 3 XP: 80% to Level 4. Why is it like that? Am I tipping too fast or what the [edit]? It's hella annyoing and I don't even know for sure what you OTHER guys see my level as. I see it at the bottom of my screen ofcourse but I ain't sure if it's the same for you. I mean one moment it is 4 and the other moment it is ... 3, with 80%.

Sigh, that's one of the questions. I'd also like you guys reading my post answer me WHY I should expand.

I know why I won't atleast but maybe you can tell me why I should.
Why not:

- My guests use the tables I currently have and they never get full. If I expand I plan to buy more tables. But why? They won't get used anyway.
- Decorations are only for looks. They guests doesn't give a **** if there's a chocolate fountain in the middle of the restaurant or nothing at all. Why waste money/gems on that?

I can probably come up with more reasons why I shouldn't expand but... this is enought.

Appreciating mature answers and proper english grammar.

Ps. Email me or add me on MSN too if you want.
Storm8: Classified64
Restaurant name: Hell's Kitchen