View Full Version : Complements on recent updates

01-26-12, 09:06 AM
I usually only end up here with questions or complaints so thought I'd change a bit.
Thanks for some of the recent updates. Its nice not to have to stop shelving new orders when a promotion come through. It doesn't seem like much but was fairly irritating.
You have also done a nice job of organizing neighbors, its a bit easier to keep up with who I've visited and all.
Thanks nice job.

01-26-12, 09:09 AM
The player's have recieved some amazing updates from TL, I feel the player's are very lucky that TL shows this commitment to there games.

01-26-12, 09:21 AM
I do like how the names go to the bottom of the nbr list after u visit them. They did a great job there. Too bad they spoiled things on Restaurant :-(

01-26-12, 09:26 AM
Yay! A nice thread:)
I love the neighbour update, and (thinking positively), I'm sure they'll keep updating (or rolling back) for the better in all of their games!

01-27-12, 06:00 AM
All of the Valentine's updates are awesome! Great job Team Lava! Love it ! ����