View Full Version : Now that's just messed up.

01-25-12, 03:52 PM
Anyone who has that new appliance - sugar maker - knows the recipe takes 1 day to make.

Well, I have 3 of them fully built and had all 3 cooking. It's been almost the whole day (since it says there's 1 hour, 57 minutes remainning) but there's now only 2 of them cooking!

Now, I've been into this game several times since yesterday evening when I served the last 3 I cooked and started cooking 3 more. I was in this morning and all 3 were still cooking, I was in 4 hours ago and all 3 were still cooking.

I could understand if I'd left the game too quickly last night after setting them to cook - it's happened to me before - but over 16 hours later? No, that is one messed up server error.

01-25-12, 04:01 PM
I've been having similar errors across all games lately. Earlier this afternoon I found my avatar in fashion wearing clothes from two days ago :p

01-25-12, 04:21 PM
Yeah. I've had these errors in just about every game. My farm reset twice now. I had the 16 hour candy canes going. I harvested them and BOOM the whole farm was suddenly growing candy canes again, 16 hours left to go. The next day I harvested them again and even got as far as plowing most of my field when BOOM again. So not cool. Finally today I harvested them and it seems to have stuck this time because I was able to plant something else. FINALLY.