View Full Version : Idea/Question - tickets

01-22-12, 05:24 AM
Why don't you earn money from visitors to your zoo? All zoos in the real world (if I'm not mistaken) have ticket prices and you're charged to enter.

It seems pointless otherwise to have paths to allow people to walk around if they're only there for decoration rather than earning you money. I see most neighbours/community zoos don't even bother with paths and just place as many animals or ice cream stands as possible instead.

Tickets would have been a great addition. The bigger your zoo and/or the higher your zoo ranking the more visitors you have and the more you can earn.

This is just an idea and it's probably too late or never going to be implemented but I just wish there was a way to earn coins rather than opening up the game every hour to endlessly click ice cream stands. It's past getting boring. I liked how in Bakery Story I could bake a bunch of red velvet cakes (this was before the stupid price changes in game) and then leave my bakery open for a few days till they sold out and I'd have earned a ton while away.

01-22-12, 09:48 AM
That's a fantastic idea to earn extra coins for zoo, it is hard to make money at a good rate. As currently we have to collect from the animals and that can be very time consuming if playing all the TL games.