View Full Version : Suggestion to Improve Parental & Grandparental Controls

10-28-10, 09:48 AM
Your "Content Rating 4+, No Questionable Content" may be confusing to adults looking for suitable "childrens' games". It may need to be raised to 12+, even 17+.

Perhaps very few Parents & Grandparents read your "Terms of Use" and "Agreement" section of the Web-site. They may be unaware of the "... 14 years or older..." stipulation.

All of the "Story" franchise are Social Gaming Genre with IAP. Some Parents & Grandparents may not fully understand what is Social Gaming or IAP and the associated precautions to take against risk.

Rerating the "Story" franchise may seem contrary to its actual content. Rerating may aid Parents & Grandparents understanding these are not childrens' games.