View Full Version : Gain more Gems by visiting neighor and water their Farm

06-09-10, 04:24 AM
How about the ability to steel or picked 5 crops from other farmer so they don't go to waste when they are ready to be picked? Add more new decorations, animals, trees, or mansion or something new. Also maybe the ability to gain some Gems for watering your neighbor like ader earning 4 stars there should be a meter for gaining Gems.
Thanks for listening. Great farming. 
From iFarm4U (Storm8 ID Swangooli) 

06-10-10, 02:27 PM
Then we should call the game The Plundered Farm!

06-10-10, 02:41 PM
Maybe if there was, say, an _____ -minute window (calculated for each crop based on how long it takes to wither) that, right before it withers, said crop could be pillaged to a max of 5 for a stranger, 10 for a neighbor.

06-10-10, 03:00 PM
There def should be more uses for watering. I don't mind getting free gem for every 100 water or so.

06-10-10, 07:06 PM
I do not wish to steal anyone else's crops but maybe we could help harvest our neighboors for a small fee. I see people's withered crops and it is sad! However, this may lead to lazy farmers who expect others to do their work.

06-15-10, 01:32 AM
These are the most ridiculus suggestions I've ever seen.

Gems are meant to be bought with real money because it supports the programmers at team lava, they do this mostly for free you know!
The fact that I've left all the Live RPG's is because nobody can steal anything here or be unkind in any way. It makes this game much less frustrating.

More decorations and animals are always welcome, but I don't really need more. I'm still saving for some stuff.

06-15-10, 04:50 AM
Don't allow stealing, it's just not right. My 5 yr old, among a lot of other kids, play this game and he loves it. He would be heart broken to know that someone came to do him the favor of water his farm and stole while they were there. Not cool. Making gems available by another means, like watering or maybe by not stealing! Would be great. It should cost people 50 gems to rob someone elses farm.

Allow stealing, we quit.

06-15-10, 04:53 AM
Those are definitely ridiculous suggestions. (I have seen close to that ridiculous in other threads!) Stealing crops goes against the whole culture of the game. As for adding new animals, crops, decorations, etc., the developers have been doing that since the game first came out.

I play this game daily and have for over a month. I admit it, I'm addicted. However, I can't sit on my Ipod all day. If I came back to harvest my crops and they were gone because someone else harvested them, that would be the day I would quit the game and find another app to play.

06-15-10, 02:47 PM
No stealing should be admitted. Earning gems should be possible but not too easy. I think there should be some benefit from building a NICE farm. At THE moment i am just cashing. Later on i like to build ? logical farm with house and so on. Bit it costs production and earnings Go down.