View Full Version : Expired goals took my gems, it's not fair!

01-20-12, 01:07 AM
Dear All,
I'm very disappointed, when I pressed on goals today, I got message that it's expired, asked my if I want to buy the goal, I kept press "no thanks" for 10 times but it didn't work & there was no skip option then I pressed buy as * I couldn't get out of the screen then nothing happened, I switched off/on the mobile, then after accessing the game again, I found nearly all my gems were deducted ( around 30) although the price of the goal didn't show up, also goals still expired.
I don't want to buy the goals, but I need my gems back or I'll stop playing yr game as this is not fair?!

My bakery name is Mira
Storm ID mira1234
Level 66

Waiting for yr feedback
Best Regards.

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01-20-12, 01:53 AM
I'm sorry, but it's scam. It is intentional. I also clicked finish, just to see what would happen. I suspected another gem trap, and I was correct. I tapped "no thanks" many times, closed the game many times, turned off my internet a couple of times, and almost decided to tap "buy now" just to see what would happen. I knew better, though...so I turned off my ipod and turned it back on. The screen is gone now, and I can play the game normally. But I'm seriously sick to my stomach and fed up with all of the gem traps that the developers are incorporating into the game. these people are absolutely heinous. There used to be a time when everyone loved the "story" games, and the developers were praised with creating such a fun game, but after a while, like many businesses, they got greedy and sneaky. Now more people complain about this game than praise it. Sad.

Oh, by the way, they will never give you your gems back. Ever. For any reason.

kooky panda
01-20-12, 05:14 AM